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Web 2.0 Summit, Day Three

Rather than give a blow by blow, as I have on previous days, in this post I’ll note some of the highlights of the last day of the conference and try to provide a couple of sense-making thoughts about what was and wasn’t said over the past three days. The Web 2.0 is definitely a [...]

Web 2.0 Summit, Day Two

The report today will be much more a briefing. Today’s seesions start in 20 minutes, so I don’t have as much time today.
Jess Bezos kicked off the day, introducing Amazon’s new web services offering. He made it clear that this is not an add-on business, but part of Amazon’s core capability whch they are pushing [...]

Web 2.0 Summit, Day One

The first day at the Web 2.0 Summit was an interesting one. The programm was a series of 1 hour-ish “workshops” that ran from 8.30 to 3.30. These (at least the ones I attended) were really panel discussions with brief Q & A’s.
John Battelle, the event’s co-host (with Tim O’Reilly), chaired the session on Marketing: [...]

Much to GAIN, Part 1

AIGA GAIN 2006, New York City
I just spent three days in New York City at the AIGA’s GAIN conference. The slogan “Design means business” was in full effect. A killer roster of presenters was headed up by Tom Kelley of IDEO. Tom exuded enthusiasm and fairly channelled the mood of the room. Though we all [...]

Business & Design, Part 1: New School vs. Old School?

If you’ve been missing all the chittah, chattah about the convergence of business and design, the new B school (that teaches design) and the new D school (that focuses on strategy), it really is time to catch up.
Although Roger Martin did not yet have design religion when he landed at the Rotman School of Management [...]