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Conversation: platform of exchange vs. ecstatic interaction

David Armano (of the Logic & Emotion blog and VP of Experience Design at Critical Mass) has written an excellent post on the Business Week innovation blog, entitled: “It’s the Conversation Economy Stupid“. Armano makes the point that brand builders need to figure out how to not only engage in conversations, but to actually design [...]

A whole new mind for advertising

A recent article in Business Week, focused on Saatchi & Saatchi chief Kevin Roberts, suggests that whereas the good old days of Mad Ave. were the heyday of the Big Idea, that the new world order for agencies is the ascendancy of the one to one: advertising so targeted it not only knows what you [...]

The Social Design of Value, Part 2: Sovereignty, Constitution and Language

The social design of value is a kind of design that I think is enabled by emerging Internet technologies. I think that these technologies are introducing new mechanisms that make certain kinds of social design both possible and practical. Social design as a phenomenon, however, is not new.
Thee examples of social designs that significantly predate [...]

The Social Design of Value, Part 1

I have been thinking about the social production of knowledge and institutions for a long time. It was a central theme of my Ph.D. research more than a decade ago and has continued to interest me as I have engaged with open source as a model for collaboration and in thinking about the social dynamics [...]

Overlap O7 video site is live!

This past June, I (along with Robin Uchida) organized the second year of Overlap, an intimate conference that explores new methods of innovation at the intersection of business and design. Overlap was started by Victor Lombardi and Jess McMullin and was first held at Asilomar in Monterey, California. Overlap 07 was held just North of [...]

The Parkour Strategy

Parkour was developed in France and has been the subject of numerous stories (see the April 16, 2007 issue New Yorker for one of the latest), at least 2 documentaries, and has been used as “action” in both broadcast advertising (Nike) and in film (the last 007 film, Casino Royale). Onetime pals David Belle and [...]

Let There Be Light?

But what kind? Here in Ontario, the government is trying to pass legislation that would eliminate the sale of incandescent lighting by the year 2012. Meanwhile, the Canadian government (among many other groups, public and private) are spending considerable time and money trying to get people to use power-saving compact fluorescent lighting (CPL).
As Virgina Postrel [...]

Design Democracy: What does liberal democracy have to do with brands?

Just a quick thought this morning.
Liberal democracy is designed to create the good we call freedom. It attempts to balance two things to achieve this end: respect for and tolerance of diversity AND a common and ultimate source of authority. One of the especially neat and elegant design tricks of liberal democracy is the concentration [...]

Innovation is GOOD

I just wanted to share a great discovery, the new L.A.-based magazine GOOD. Covering issues of design, culture, sustainability and business, the magazine is only in its third issue, but already showing signs of how Internet culture can be expressed in a print publication. So for those that thought innovation in the dead medium of [...]

Whoops, Apple did it again!

Now let me disclose from the outset that I have been an unrepentant Apple evangelist since I first used an Apple II in college and buying my first Macintosh in 1987 still rates as one of the highlights of my life (I promise you that that puts said event in some stiff competition!).
I was away [...]